dr on lines

I have certain marks that I use, perhaps a line with squares on either side of it or three lines side by side with a third line shorter, which have become my own visual vocabulary. These marks have a meaning for me and, as I work, they come to me spontaneously, alone and in combination. When the wearer sees these markings, they take on a meaning which is specific to them. People who wear my jewelery thus imbue it with a kind of magical or emotional language which relates to the reason for the piece being made or purchased. So, a pin bought after a raise in pay or a ring bought to celebrate the birth of a son eventually represent the feelings these circumstances provoke. When a wearer adds memory to a piece, she creates a deeper and more personal meaning for it. They signify luck and love for the wearers, taking them beyond the status of object to the status of personal talismans. The variations of texture and finish I make on a gold band help to personalize the piece and take it into this realm.

– David Rice

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