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November 13, 2019


Sending professional invoices, tracking your expenses and processing payments is one of the core fundamentals of business. Your clients can also send you messages, and you can view them in the built-in chat feature with your invoices. If your clients want to automate their finances, they can also save their credit card info so their invoices are paid automatically. This is especially useful if you send the same invoice every month. Basic reports like profit-and-loss, cash flow, expenses, sales tax summaries, and more are available with a few clicks within BooksTime cloud accounting. It’s easy to filter by client, date range, or product, and you can easily export, print, send, or save reports for others. While limited, BooksTime accounting offers most of the reports needed by a small business owner.

As a small business, accounting software can transform your working life. It’s the easiest way to monitor money flowing in and out, bill customers, and simply process your finances at the end of the year. With a huge amount of features like invoicing, Client Portal, Contact Management, Expense Tracking, Project Management make your business easy to manage. For people who are trying to start a new business, I would recommend the BooksTime at first. BooksTime is a web-based accounting solution that caters to small businesses. BooksTime serves various industries, such as marketing, legal services and business consulting, trades and home services and information technology .


Adding a mileage field to time tracking would create the fastest, easiest possible way to comply adjusting entries with the IRS on mileage. I have probably requested this feature 20 times on support calls.

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assets = liabilities + equity Accounting ensures your business decisions are based on actual business data and insights. Learn the costs of running your business, and confidently forecast your earnings. No more chasing clients for checks or waiting in the line at the bank. When pushing time over to BooksTime you are able to either map or build your customers and task type. Multiple rate plans can be added to accommodate different billing structures.

What can I do with BooksTime?

All The Features That Make BooksTime Ridiculously Easy To Use 1. Invoicing. More Info. Customizable Invoices.
2. Expenses. More Info. Receipt Attachments.
3. Estimates and Proposals. More Info. Rich Proposals.
4. Time Tracking. More Info.
5. Projects. More Info.
6. Payments. More Info.
7. Accounting + Reports. More Info.
8. Clients. Contact Info.
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Rather, it’s designed for service- or project-based agencies and includes time-tracking and project management tools. Available for both iOS and Android devices, BooksTime’ app includes nearly all of the features found on the browser version of its software. You can track billable time, take pictures of receipts and record expenses, create and send invoices, chat with clients, and accept payments. Harvest accounting software automatically pulls the billable time and expenses you’ve tracked into invoices eliminating the guesswork and paper trail of more traditional accounting. It also offers a manual option to create a form-free invoice. BooksTime, cloud-based accounting software, allows owners to invoice clients, track time and run their small businesses in the cloud.

BooksTime Classic

If you want to track time and inventory and access more reporting, including for project profitability, you’ll need to opt for the Plus plan, available at $70/month. BooksTime was easy to learn and implement in our office to help with bookkeeping. As a designer, my least favorite thing to do was the business side of things, but BooksTime made the process so much easier that I don’t dread it anymore. We can bill clients, pay vendors, track project profits, and more all from one place. Whether you enter an expense manually or edit one you’ve imported, you can add or modify a lot of detail. The five most recently updated expenses appear at the top of the Expenses screen; they look like strips of cash register tape.

Used by millions of service-based business owners, is the top choice for everyday invoicing and simple time and expense tracking. BooksTime offers built-in time tracking capabilities that are helpful for project- and case-based businesses where employees track billable hours alongside other project expenses. The dashboard and project views of these hours help you keep your entire project and individual employees on the right task at the right time.

What are the pros and cons of BooksTime?

Pros and ConsProsConsBooksTime offers a free trial so you can play around with the software before you make a financial commitment.The mobile app is limited and doesn’t allow you to access reports on the go.3 more rows•Sep 4, 2019

One of the original core offerings, BooksTime invoice capabilities allow you to create professional invoices that let clients pay instantly through BooksTime Payments. BooksTime allows for unlimited invoice automation, including reminders for outstanding invoices and past-due payments, which saves you time and encourages faster payments. This feature also allows business owners to require deposits from clients, facilitating better cash flow. One of the most desirable BooksTime invoice options is to create recurring invoices for your repeat customers. As we mentioned, BooksTime is web-based accounting software, meaning you can access your account anywhere you have internet access. Designed to accommodate business owners on the go, BooksTime can also be easily accessed via a browser on your mobile device, as well as using the BooksTime mobile accounting app for iOS or Android.

Fresher Accounting

The invoicing, accepting online payments, and keeping track of expenses couldn’t be simpler. BooksTime is a more robust bookkeeping software that helps you invoice clients and track the backend financials of your business. It is great for business owners who need more from bookkeeping software. With the advanced payments option, you can save and proactively charge your clients’ credit card details they’ve provided to you. You can also do this on all invoices, including recurring invoices and payments. If you add your contractors, there is a way to add them at no additional cost.

Let’s talk about how your product can solve the business needs of our visitors. I really enjoy going into BooksTime and clicking “send invoice”.

  • This can be a flat amount or a percentage of the invoice, whichever you prefer.
  • BooksTime Lite starts at $15/month, with a middle tier at $25/month and their top tier at $50/month, each based on the number of billable clients.
  • There is also a desktop app for Macs and Windows that has timers for your employees to track their time based on the projects they work on in-house.
  • With the client portal, your clients can accept any estimates, and also save, print, and comment on them.
  • But these days, every business wants to receive payments via credit card.

With the FreshBook plans and add-ons you can manage nearly all elements of your business finance in one platform. BooksTime Lite starts at $15/month, with a middle tier at $25/month and their top tier at $50/month, each based on the number of billable clients. Supported by BooksTime, Facturama’s service will enable greater scaling capabilities in Mexico, where the small business market is growing. Nevertheless, with a free 30-day trial and no credit card required, you have the opportunity to try BooksTime accounting software for yourself. By creating a BooksTime account and exploring the platform firsthand, you’ll have a better sense if this solution can fulfill your business accounting needs. We’ve reached the end of our BooksTime review and now the final decision is up to you. Taking into consideration everything we’ve discussed with regards to BooksTime pricing, plans, and features, only you can decide if this is the right accounting software for your business.

Expenses are rapidly auto-categorized to facilitate tax filing, and you can click to bill clients for any related expenses. Spend is visualized in charts to help you see at a glance how much is being spent on specific projects the moment you sign into your BooksTime account. BooksTime double-entry accounting allows for these expenses to be easily managed by your accountant for maximum efficiency. Customized client invoices are an easy way to upgrade your invoicing, and the BooksTime app allows for client invoicing on the go. The accounting software offers a number of security features and capabilities.

While BooksTime is more focused on invoicing, payment processing and basic bookkeeping. Along with project management, BooksTime helps you manage your (and your team’s) time. I tend to work solo, only occasionally hiring out contractors. But if you have a team to keep manage of and collaborate with, BooksTime’ project management features may be a good fit for you. But these days, every business wants to receive payments via credit card.

The invoice will then have the payment applied to the invoice. When importing orders into recording transactions create a new client for each Shopify customer with an order. Though expensive, this payment add-on can be effective and worth the price if you rely on subscriptions or repeat customers. The added convenience for your customers can improve your invoicing and cash flow. BooksTime Simple Start plan matches many of the same features for only $25/month. We might recommend Wave or BooksTime instead of BooksTime Premium tier unless you’re a die hard BooksTime user. BooksTime offers a 30-day free trial for new users, designed to make it easy for business owners to get a feel for the platform so they can see if it’s right for them.

Their invoicing feature is highly customizable, allowing attorneys to quickly add logos and other personalized touches such as a “thank you” email. Multi-language invoices and multi-currency are also available.

Although not part of their standard plan offerings, BooksTime also offers a solution for businesses whose accounting needs go beyond the Premium plan. This service, called BooksTime Select, is available on a quote basis by contacting BooksTime directly. As we mentioned earlier, BooksTime offers both a mobile app for managing your accounting on the go, as well as integration options with hundreds of third-party tools. BooksTime accounting software will allow you to generate estimates and send proposals to your clients. With this overview of BooksTime in mind, the next step in this BooksTime review is to explore thedifferent features this accounting software has to offer. Before we dive into the details of BooksTime accounting software features, let’s start this BooksTime review by breaking down the basics.


If you’re ready to find the right accounting software for your small business, click the image below or contact us. Our Technology Advisors will listen to your needs and match you with a list of five vendors who meet your requirements. If you’re still doing research, read on for a comparison of BooksTime vs. BooksTime. SherpaDesk’s pricing is not hidden and we don’t require you to talk to a salesperson for a demo first before you get a quote. The first tech license is always free and then for each additional agent it’s $39/month.

Insightful Time Tracking

BooksTime takes billing out of your hands and puts it on autopilot. Set up automated invoicing, online payment options , and late payment reminders to get paid 2x faster.

BooksTime is a cloud accounting solution designed for freelancers and small business owners. It is a simple and BooksTimeive solution, so accounting isn’t intimidating.


The biggest benefit of BooksTime is that it’s easy enough that you’ll actually use it. The product is designed with the user in mind, and that’s evident as you make your way through the various features and functions. BooksTime has also been incredibly responsive to complaints about the lack of true accounting features by adding double-entry accounting and beefing up the reporting options. In this BooksTime alternative, support is included in the cost of the subscription, and you can call the toll-free number and talk to a live person during extended business hours. While many support questions can be easily answered by using the other resources available in BooksTime, it’s incredibly refreshing to have the option to call support when it’s needed. You can set reminders, with BooksTime notifying you if the payment is late, and can add a late fee if a client’s payment is really late. Invoicing in BooksTime takes less than a minute, depending on how fast you type.

Specifically, now has a Chart of Accounts and General Ledger; two new accounts, Other Income and Cost of Goods Sold ; bank reconciliation; and two additional standard financial reports . Over the years, it has expanded in scope and grown into the go-to online accounting service for sole proprietors and startups. Its popularity extends to small to midsize businesses in many cases. The site went through a major update a few years ago, and many features in BooksTime “Classic” were left behind, though they continue to be reintroduced. This new BooksTime is the best choice for the smallest businesses because of its exceptional usability and aesthetic properties—and its smart selection of features. BooksTime helps you create, send and manage invoices efficiently.

Another great feature of BooksTime is the support they offer for different countries and currencies. As it stands, BooksTime offers support for over 150 currencies and is also compatible with 14 languages. You can create your proposal, attach images or any other attachments, create a scope of work, add in a timeline, and include the final pricing for it all.

I can automatically send invoices, charge my client’s credit card, and send them a receipt. ZipBooks will integrate with your bank so you can keep track of your budget and future payments based on outstanding invoices. That means you can log in to send invoices the second your work is finished. Whether you’re at a project site, at the office, or with a client, pull up a ZipBooks invoice to finish the job. Our free BooksTime for Mac is uncomplicated, so it’ll be hard to make mistakes. Keep clean and professional records to keep your cash flow stable and steady. If you’re still not sold on BooksTime or BooksTime, visit our accounting software page to explore more accounting solutions.

The most affordable BooksTime plan is called Lite, which gives you a maximum of five clients at $15 per month. Yes, BooksTime does have a balance sheet feature, but is mostly just a template. For more advanced accounting features, you may want consider something like BooksTime instead. If you are in need of a new invoicing and accounting platform for your business, I highly recommend giving BooksTime a try. The removal of PayPal as a payment option for your clients is a fairly annoying setback, but hardly a deal breaker. With a couple of clicks, BooksTime will generate powerful reports that give you deep insight into your business. Stripe is one of the most most popular payment processors in the world, and the one I’ve been using since I started my business.

You can also generate an invoice directly from your billable hours that you have tracked under the “Time Tracking” section. Simply click “Generate Invoice” and select the appropriate hours listed for that client. If you have a business logo, insert the file directly into the invoice by dragging and dropping or uploading from your computer. This creates a more polished-looking invoice when the client receives it.

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