4 Tips for Writing Perfect University of Washington Essays

May 26, 2022

Then, share experiences that demonstrate how you have grown and developed certain qualities. If you devoted considerable time to a specific group, go beyond listing your title with the organization. It sounds obvious, but accidentally using the wrong school name is more common than you think. If you’ve copied sections of your essay to send to multiple schools, thoroughly search and replace school names that don’t match where you are applying. Also, keep in mind that tailoring your essay to a particular school and what they offer is a best practice. They will be looking for answers to those specific questions.

  1. The UW-Madison supplemental essays are a great opportunity to introduce yourself to UW-Madison admissions officers.
  2. We cannot begin to review your application until all required materials are received.
  3. Their vision includes an emphasis on discovery, research, community, optimism, and even celebrating the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
  4. Stick to words you’re sure of; it never hurts to look them up to make sure they mean what you think they mean.
  5. Everyone has a goal that’s important to them, after all, which is explicitly included in the second bullet point.

The application includes self-reporting your academic history, two essays, demographic information and your intended first-choice and second-choice major. If you plan to apply to the Honors Program, you’ll find the Honors application within the general UW application.

How to write a great college essay

The UW supports activism, so its students can enroll in over 70 fraternities and sororities based on their interests and majors. All of it must appear in your profile that you will need to fill in along with your background information and contacts. As the acceptance rate into the UW is 49%, which is a challenge, every aspect of your UDUB application matters. You want to avoid listing out numbers and statistics that admissions officers already know. If you are interested in two contrasting majors, you should support both of them with anecdotes about your academic experiences. We also consider personal characteristics that will contribute to the strength and diversity of our university. If you’re writing an essay to explain your interest in the University of Washington, your story can be about a time when you went hiking in the mountains or experienced a life-changing event.

  1. It can be one you‘ve already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of your own design.
  2. Perhaps you listed that you want to participate in UW-Madison’sDSE Mentorship Programfor undergraduate engineers.
  3. You’d be surprised how often a paragraph that seemed perfect last week will seem muddled or overly dramatic this week.
  4. Bring the admissions officer reading your essay into that moment, and help them understand the full picture of who you are.
  5. This is the space to show off your expert investigation skills and name-drop courses, clubs, professors, and research opportunities only available at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Do not forget the purpose of each prompt and try focusing on your contribution to university life, activism, and collaboration. This campus is one of the oldest universities in the United States’ west coast. Since its establishment, the University has developed into a state-of-the-art research center that placed UW at the 20th place among the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs. The research center receives significant uw admission essay funding and is a platform for a research symposium among undergraduate students every year. When you apply to a university like the UW, everything must be perfect. Do not let stress impact your result with professional writing help. How to “Describe an Activity” on the Common App in 5 steps, including how to choose which extracurricular, with full outlines for every type of extracurricular supplemental essay.

Additional information about yourself or your circumstances

Bring the admissions officer reading your essay into that moment, and help them understand the full picture of who you are. Your story doesn’t need to be dramatic, but it does need to be authentic and original. Think of examples of challenges that will separate you from the pack and allow readers to see your determination, leadership, empathy or other qualities.

uw admission essay

The admissions committee wants to understand precisely how you will contribute to their campus community of 35,000+ undergrads. Drawing the link between your past efforts and future aims is critical here. Think about how many college-entry essays are read each year by admissions counselors. Imagine how their eyes must glaze over after they’ve read a few dozen essays.


Whichever elements you choose to focus on, make sure that you use your writing ability toshowthe admissions officer what type of community member you are rather than merelytellingthem. Your dedicated PrepScholar Admissions counselor will craft your perfect college essay, from the ground up. We’ll learn your background and interests, brainstorm essay topics, and walk you through the essay drafting process, step-by-step. At the end, you’ll have a unique essay that you’ll proudly submit to your top choice colleges. It can be tricky finding essays that got applicants into UW, but it can also be a great indicator of what the school values in an application.

Is 4.7 weighted GPA good?

Anything above a 4.0 is a weighted grade point average. The best grade you can get in a class is an “A.” An “A” is worth four quality points. All “A” grades would equal a 4.0 unweighted gpa. Anything above a 4.0 is a weighted gpa.

Even if you don’t fall into one of these groups, it’s wise to take advantage of this additional space. Everyone has a goal that’s important to them, after all, which is explicitly included in the second bullet point. However, you only have 200 words, so you’ll need to make them count. An example of a good response for this question may be a student who worked with marine life in high school, and https://freightlogix.net/best-dissertation-writing-services-reviews-2020/ realized the devastating effects of pollution on the environment. Through an education at UW, the student would want to pursue research in the “Changing Oceans” Core Research Area of the Marine Biology department. For this essay, you’ll first want to brainstorm some societal concerns that you’re passionate about. Below are some questions to get you thinking as well as common mistakes to avoid.

Want to see your chances of admission at University of Washington?

Often admissions counselors receive essays in a format that doesn’t allow them to click on links to view videos or websites. If there is something you think they will be interested in seeing online, make it a supplement to your essay instead of the main point. Then, help the reader find it by describing where to search online. It can be tempting to use UW’s provided additional space to squeeze a few more words into your application, but resist it. Those word counts are there for a reason, and you should aim to get under, not exceed them. For example, say you, like many prospective UW students, are interested in becoming a doctor. Instead, use this space to talk about why your major is important to you, and why placement at UW is going to help you achieve more.

If you apply using the UW System Application, the fee can be paid by check or money order, drawn on a bank located in the United States https://pocketpassport.com/child-labour-free-essay-example/ and payable to the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Send the check or money order to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.


Ask your parents, teachers and friends to read your essay and tell you frankly what they think. They may have specific grammar or spelling corrections, or suggestions about the direction of your story. You don’t have to take everyone’s advice, of course, but if a criticism rings true, pay attention. Again, UW mentions uw admission essay earlier in their guidelines for the writing section that they value brevity. Don’t try to hit that 200 word mark just because it’s there—use only the space that you need. Be succinct and clear about any obstacles you’ve overcome, what draws you to your major, and what makes you want to attend UW specifically.

uw admission essay

But, be careful not to share the same story you told іn your other application essays. Instead, share a story Dissertation Help Provider that highlights something unique about you. But to do that, you need to know how to write great UW essays.

Writing the University of Washington supplemental essay

In addition, please include why you are interested in studying the major you have selected. If you selected undecided, please describe your areas of possible academic interest. Application fee waivers are available for applicants with financial hardship.

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