Bridal Tradition in Spain

December 4, 2023

If you’re planning a bridal in Spain or have relatives that lives it, it’s a great idea to learn about the culture’s wealthy and meaningful marriage beliefs. From foods to plants, there are a lot of ways to include Spanish lifestyle into your great day.

For example, at a Spanish wedding, the bride and groom do n’t typically have maids or best men. Alternatively, the princess’s father and mother chaperone her down the aisle. In addition, the wife wears her wedding necklace on her placed side and her bride band on her correct hand, versus stacking them up or wearing them both on her left palm in different nations.

During the festival, the man likely existing thirteen golden coins to the bride called Las Arras. These are blessed by a preacher or priest to reflect their devotion to one another and to symbolize their shared riches as a handful.

In Spain, the bridal scalp stand is generally set for six persons. This includes the bride and groom as well as their parents or their padrinos if they have them. If the wedding has relatives, they might also visit her at the head board.

As for the reception, guests eat a lot of paella which is a traditional Spanish food made with rice and shellfish like fish, shrimp or clams. Another humorous traditions that occurs during the reception is the cutting up of the couple’s weave and selling items of it to the visitors. This is a enjoyable way to raise money for the couple’s wedding or to aid with ceremony charges.

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